“Amalthea” Plate

“Amalthea” Plate


Dinner Plate with print.

Size: 25 cm
Safe for Dishwasher & Microwave. 

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Amalthea, the last unicorn, is at peace with her uniqueness. Finally. Some time ago, she experienced her being-unique primarily as being-alone. She used to hide her horn under a pinned-up mane, so she could belong to the herd of horses. But at some point, Amalthea had enough of hiding. I’d rather be a lonely unicorn than a fake horse, she thought, opened up her mane and wore her horn clearly visible from now on. That was pioneer’s work. Because in the animal kingdom, there are many who adapt to fit in. But when these animals saw how proudly Amalthea wore her unique unicorn, they themselves lost fear of being different. They were no longer unique, but dualique, triplique, manyique. And finally, the last unicorn has found her herd.