“Cabo & Mira” Plate

“Cabo & Mira” Plate


Dinner Plate with print.

Size: 25 cm
Safe for Dishwasher & Microwave.

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Cabo and Mira are dancing. With- for- und around each other. For many, many years now. At their first rendezvous, down at the purple anemone, Cabo requested a dance. He put out his fin. Mira put hers in his. They danced, and they simply haven’t stopped to this day. Sometimes wildly, in circles. Sometimes tenderly, wale-nose to wale-nose. And sometimes invisibly. Then the just swim next to each other, bubbling or closemouthed, but always dancing. Not everyone can understand that, but that’s not important. To Cabo and Mira, the only important thing is the fine little “and” between their names.