“Joy” Plate

“Joy” Plate


Dinner Plate with print.

Size: 25 cm
Safe for Dishwasher & Microwave.

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One night, Joy woke up. Damnit, thought Joy, not again. Joy is a creature of the night – against her will. She can’t sleep by day, suffers from light night-blindness and constantly lacks vitamin D. Joy is very much unsuitable for an owl’s life, and indeed, she finds her own existence extremely tedious. For some time, she’s been asking herself why she had to become an owl, of all things. In Buddhism, she found an answer: Karma. Lovely, Joy thinks with a yawn. Now it’s my own fault. Oh well, at least Joy can decide not to believe in Karma. Unfortunately, she can’t decide not to be an owl. That she knows for certain. She tried.