“Keno” Plate

“Keno” Plate


Dinner Plate with print.

Size: 25 cm
Safe for Dishwasher & Microwave.

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When Keno was young, he left home to find wisdom. “Wisdom must be out there somewhere”, he thought, “and I will find it.” At first, he followed a strict travelling plan and asked his way, talking to gold- king- and swordfish, but no one could point him towards wisdom. That went on for many years, without success. But, to Keno’s own surprise, it didn’t bother him. More often than not, Keno neglected his quest and simply swam a bit, looked around and chatted with fish for hours without ever asking his way. One day he caught himself wishing never to reach his goal, because most of all, he enjoyed the search itself. “Fiddlesticks”, Keno thought, “in that case I’d better focus entirely on swimming, looking around and chatting.” That was Kenos first wise saying. Today he has 7894. For example: “To find wisdom, stop looking for it. Rather, start experiencing, and let wisdom find you.”