“Speedy” Plate

“Speedy” Plate


Dinner Plate with print.

Size: 25 cm
Safe for Dishwasher & Microwave.

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Speedy the racoon jets around the corner, ears fluttering in the wind, with a grin around the snout. This time, this time, the plan is perfect. A masterful shenanigan! This will be fun. Crafting a shenanigan of such masterfulness takes Speedy three minutes, maximum. Which is why he never stands still for more than three minutes. Because as soon as a new plan is crafted, he must execute it immediately. “Anything else would be a waste of time”, Speedy thinks while carefully positioning the bucket of water above the door, balancing on the bike with one paw. Perfect! He smiles, satisfied. Suddenly, a new idea emerges. A masterful shenanigan of even more masterfulness! Speedy jumps into the saddle, eyes on the next target. He chuckles. This will be fun.