Emali Branding

Emali is a new wine label with a strong connection between Austria and Africa.The label exports exclusive Austrian wine to Africa and vice versa. The design should reflect this connection. For the logo I combined two animals, each reflecting a country – an eagle for Austria and a lion for Africa.


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EMALI | Wine2Africa




Commonly referred to as "the king of the beasts," it is a symbol of Kingly power and might.
They are powerful hunters, and are capable of powering through tough obstacles.
The lion is also a symbol of truth. Like the truth, lions are straightforward and very difficult
to contain. Also like the truth, a lion’s roar echoes for all to hear. As the opposite of
the eagle, the lion represents earth.


As the bird flying highest in the sky, the eagle became naturally the king of the birds.
It has a strong presence in the Austrian history and is still used as a symbol
on the coat of arms and the Austrian flag today. As the opposite of the lion, the eagle
represents air. In the logo, the eagle spreads its wings as if it is just about
to rise straight into the air.