Mural in the 19th district of Vienna

Mural in the 19th district of Vienna

Gender identity describes one's own sense and attribution of gender. It can occur that one's biological sex does not align with their felt gender identity. This discrepancy between biological sex and gender identity can lead to inner conflict. In this mural, I explore questions of gender identity and depict the internal division. It's a contribution to raising awareness of the topic and fostering dialogue about it. Engaging with one's own gender identity and promoting acceptance of diversity are crucial steps towards an open and tolerant society.




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Photo: © Zuzanna Krzyzak
Photo: © Zuzanna Krzyzak
Photo: © Zuzanna Krzyzak

The colorful mural catches the eye already from a distance and brightens up the whole street, which is quite busy with traffic. Find the spot here: 48°13'03.7"N 16°20'19.2"E

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