ÖBB Mural for Women’s Day 2023

ÖBB Mural for Women's Day 2023

To honor International Women's Day, ÖBB commissioned a 400 m2 mural in the heart of Vienna to celebrate women's achievements in technology. The mural depicts 14 women who made significant contributions to the development of the company, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. The mural, designed in a colorful pop art style, features bold shapes and bright colors that capture the energy and spirit of these remarkable women.




ÖBB / Papabogner



Photo: © ÖBB | Yvonne Fetz
Photo: © ÖBB | Michael Fritscher

The making of the 400 m2 mural began in early March, when the temperatures in Vienna were still freezing cold. Despite the challenging weather conditions, me and my team (outlines.at, sert73, Don Deus and Ben Apache) worked tirelessly to bring the mural to life. Our dedication and perseverance paid off, as the vibrant and eye-catching mural was completed in time for the unveiling ceremony on International Women's Day.

Photo: © ÖBB | Michael Fritscher
Photo: © ÖBB | Michael Fritscher

The mural serves as a powerful reminder of the role that women have played in shaping the world of tech and inspires viewers to pursue careers in this field. By honoring these trailblazers, ÖBB hopes to inspire more women to pursue careers in technology and break down the barriers that have historically kept them out of this field.

Photo: © ÖBB | Yvonne Fetz

To mark the unveiling of the mural on International Women's Day 2023, a march was held towards the mural site, with participants holding high and proud the posters bearing the portraits of the women depicted in the artwork.

Photo: © ÖBB | Yvonne Fetz

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