Women’s Day at ega

Women's Day 2019 at ega

In 2019, ega – Frauen im Zentrum commissioned me to provide visuals for their annual Women's Day celebration. The illustrations were drawn live at the event and animated with the iPad App Tagtool. The tool projects the illustrations live on any wall – transforming it into a beautiful play of light and color. On the day of the event, ega asked me if I would also paint one of their walls live during the party. Very spontaneously, I illustrated two strong women, interwoven with each other in front of a typical Viennese pattern – the rooftop pattern of Saint Stephen's Cathedral.


Illustration, Mural, Animation


ega – Frauen im Zentrum




Roland Schafek (Film) / schafek.com

Julian Reinisch (Cut) / apex-film.net